[IDN-WG] Fwd: Response to the ALAC Statement on TMCH and IDN Variants

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Mon Jul 8 21:53:18 UTC 2013

Dear IDN WG members,

please be so kind to find the Board New gTLD Program Committee's reply
regarding the ALAC Statement on the Trademark Clearinghouse and IDN
Variants which we submitted at the end of May.

I note that the response suggests that a small group meets with select
Board members. I have suggested that those Board members come to the
A-Large IDN WG meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Failing that, I have
asked that Gisella & her counterpart on Board Support would look for a
suitable slot for a meeting.

Kind regards,


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Subject: 	Response to the ALAC Statement on TMCH and IDN Variants
Date: 	Mon, 8 Jul 2013 11:01:08 -0700
From: 	Cherine Chalaby <cherine.chalaby at icann.org>
To: 	Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>

Dear Olivier,


On behalf of the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC), I thank you for
providing the ALAC Statement on the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and
IDN Variants, dated 30 May 2013.   The NGPC appreciates the attention
the ALAC has given to this topic and has reviewed the statement

Variants are a complex topic, and the current approach with variants in
TMCH is to leave variants out of TMCH itself, and rely on registries to
handle variant issues.  There are good reasons for taking such an
approach and the NGPC believes that the current direction is appropriate.


Registries have their own policies for variants (whether to reserve,
allocate, etc.).   If, however, there are any specific gaps in behavior
with respect to trademarks, variants, and TMCH, it would be helpful to
identify them and raise them in the appropriate venues .  We encourage
ALAC to identify any such issues.


To encourage discussion and explore specific potential gaps in more
detail, it may be helpful to have a small group of interested parties
(from ALAC, staff, and selected board members) meet in Durban. The goal
of such a meeting would be to identify specific gaps in the area of
trademarks and IDN variant names where additional work might be appropriate.

Please find attached the full response of the NGPC to the ALAC Statement.

All the best,


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