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Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 18 18:20:24 UTC 2019

Hi all.
Please find below the confirmation of the successful submission, thanks to everybody for the support.
As you can see, the proposal is far from perfect, but may be good enough to get attention.
I would like to make a couple of considerations. This is just the beginning of the work, we need to prepare the session, if the proposal is accepted, which means to contact potential speakers and participants in order to ensure contribution from the widest possible perspectives, but keeping in mind that the primary focus is not the development of technical solutions - that is being taken care by other groups like UASG - but the impact on the average internet user. So the focus will be on things like the user experience and the impact on deployment of local content.
I would encourage all to subscribe to the ALAC IDN-WG, co-chaired by Satish and Edmon, as I assume that most of the discussion will take place there, as it is the natural place where the user perspective will be analysed and developed because of the focus of ALAC on users. Please find at https://mm.icann.org/mailman/listinfo/idn-wg the relevant information to join.
Last but not least, there will be meetings where IDN, UA and Multilingualism will be discussed before the Global IGF in Berlin. The ones that I am aware of, and that I will attend, are SEEDIG (Bucharest, May 2019) and EuroDIG (den Haag, June 2019). Please share information about other opportunities to discuss these issues.
Best regards,

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Date: 15. April 2019 at 01:13:56 CEST
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Dear Mr. Roberto Gaetano,

Your Workshop Proposal for IGF 2019 titled Multilingual Internet: support
local languages and scripts has been received.

It will be evaluated according to the process outlined at

The proposal data submitted is as follows:

  ==*1. Proposer (Contact Person)*==
    Gender: Male
    Family Name: Gaetano
    Given Name: Roberto
    Nationality: Italy
    E-mail: roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com<mailto:roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com>
    Stakeholder Group: Civil Society
    Regional Group: Western European and Others Group (WEOG)
    Organization: ALAC IDN Working Group
    Country where Organization is based: India

  ==*2. Theme*==
3. Issues:
* Digital
* Social
* Multilingual [1]

*4. Workshop Session Title*: Multilingual Internet: support local languages
and scripts
*5. Policy Question(s)*:
1. In what ways are domain names in writing systems other than basic Latin
script ("internationalized domain names" or IDNs) and global use,
accessibility, and acceptability ("universal acceptance" or UA) critical to a
truly multilingual Internet?
2. What is the current state of IDNs & Universal Acceptance adoption
3. What are the limitations of IDNs (eg., variant management, transitional
issues) and how may they be managed?
4. Where are the impediments in the adoption of UA?
5. What actions need to be taken by communities, Governments, businesses and
Internet Government organizations to address these?
6. Is the lack of Universal Acceptance hindering the deployment of Internet
content developed locally?

*6. Relevance to Theme*:
The workshop aims at identifying factors that are limiting the Universal
Acceptance of domain names and email addresses, including, but not limited
to, identifiers written in non-ASCII (or Latin) scripts.
Lack of Universal Acceptance affects Digital Inclusion, because it does not
provide equal opportunities to users who are not familiar with Latin script
and with the English language.
The workshop addresses SDG10, that is to "Reduce inequality within and among

*7. Relevance to Internet Governance*:
In order to ensure Universal Acceptance and a fully multilingual Internet we
need to make policy decisions and define governance processes.
Universal Acceptance and a fully multilingual Internet are of the paramount
importance to achieve equal opportunity of access and best use of the
The workshop aims not just at identifying factors that are limiting the
Universal Acceptance, but also to gather and share the best experience and
practice worldwide - this requires collaborative efforts and good governance
processes, but also exploring the role of Governments.

  ==*8. Workshop Session Format*==
  Session Format: Round Table - U-shape - 90 Min

  ==*9. Diversity*==
    First Time in IGF: Yes
b.    Are you and/or your
    co-organizers coming from a *developing country [2]* or
    under-represented region?

Developing Countries: Yes
      ==Diversity Options==
        Gender Diversity: Yes
        Geography Diversity: Yes
        Stakeholder Group Diversity: Yes
        Policy Perspective Diversity: Yes
        Accessibility Diversity: No
        Youth Diversity: Yes
        Local Diversity: Yes
        Diversity Information: The organisers will promote the event
        the At-Large community to fill in the only gap in the

*10. Workshop Session Description*:
The session will start with a brief introduction of the topic and the
speakers (10')
Then the speakers will address the following points (30'):
- problems arising from the lack of Universal Acceptance and different
approaches to solve them;
- successful stories about efforts to achieve Universal Acceptance, including
examples of countries and actions;
- examples of situation in which wider and easier access to the Internet
content, in particular the one developed locally, can be achieved with
Universal Acceptance.
The main focus will be on the user experience rather than on technical issues
and technical solutions.
The floor will be open for contributions, local and remote (30').
The panelists will be asked for opinions about the way forward - this may
include comments from the floor (15').
The moderator will close the session summarising the next steps (5').

*11. Workshop Session Expected Outcomes*:
- Share information about the current scenario and pending issues;
- Raise awareness about the obstacles that prevent universal acceptance and
full multilingualism;
- Identify paths to follow and indicate possible solutions to the present
- Identify potential policy issues.
  ==*12. Organizers Information*==
    Email addresses of organizers (comma separated): sbabu at ieee.org<mailto:sbabu at ieee.org>,
    edmon at registry.asia<mailto:edmon at registry.asia>, Filinafilka at gmail.com<mailto:Filinafilka at gmail.com>,
    desaradushi at gmail.com<mailto:desaradushi at gmail.com>, john+igf at jck.com<mailto:john+igf at jck.com>, lutz at donnerhacke.de<mailto:lutz at donnerhacke.de>

  ==*13. Speakers*==
    Email addresses of provisionally confirmed speakers (comma
    sb at inapp.com<mailto:sb at inapp.com>,edmon at registry.asia<mailto:edmon at registry.asia>,Filinafilka at gmail.com<mailto:Filinafilka at gmail.com>,paf at netnod.se<mailto:paf at netnod.se>
    Speakers Availability: It may be that one of the speakers will
    present from remote

  ==*14. Moderators*==
    Online Moderator: Filinafilka at gmail.com<mailto:Filinafilka at gmail.com>
    Onsite Moderator: edmon at registry.asia<mailto:edmon at registry.asia>

*15. Rapporteur*: sbabu at ieee.org<mailto:sbabu at ieee.org>
  ==*16. Session Interaction and Participation*==
    Discussion Facilitation:
    First and foremost, the topic will be widely discussed in the
    ALAC IDN Working Group in the months preceding the IGF,
    encouraging participation and discussion also in other fora,
    including national and regional IGF.
    Following this preliminary work, it is expected that the
    participation from the floor (local and remote) will be high.
    The moderator will act also as timekeeper making sure that the
    speakers stay within the topic and the time limits, providing
    enough time for contributions by the audience.
    Online Tools: Yes
    Online Participation:
    The Online Moderator will be in constant contact with the remote
    participants and will make sure their voice gets heard at the
    The organisers still need to evaluate how to make the best use of
    the facilities - this will be done over the next month or so.
    Other Tools: Yes
    Social Tools: The organisers still need to evaluate how to make
    the best use of the facilities - this will be done over the next
    month or so.

*17. Relation to SDGs*:
 - GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
 - GOAL 10: Reduced Inequalities
 - GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  ==*18. Optional Documentation*==
    Additional Reference Document Link:
    Additional Background Paper :

Thank you for your interest in holding a workshop at the IGF.

Kind regards,
IGF Secretariat.


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