[Internal-cg] ICG Secretariat

Narelle Clark narelle.clark at accan.org.au
Fri Aug 1 05:31:29 UTC 2014

I agree with Patrik's further enhancements of my proposed changes. :-)


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I have made some changes.

In summary: I do not think secretariat should by themselves communicate or be contact points for the ICG. ICG members (and specifically the chair) are the contact points. We can not risk secretariat develop or otherwise communicate on behalf of the ICG. Unless EXPLICITLY so directed by the ICG. For example, as I have written, "manage the contact points for ICG" (not BE the contact point).

In ICANN we have a few bad examples where the secretariat have believed they could summarise/propose, draw conclusions and communicate status of whatever group they are a secretariat for. That is not what I feel ICG want.

Instead, secretariat should be administerial and then only work on explicit request by ICG. That might include communicate various by ICG developed messages (like press releases) though.


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