[Internal-cg] Public session at ICANN 51?

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Fri Aug 1 05:34:51 UTC 2014

On 1 aug 2014, at 03:27, jari.arkko at piuha.net wrote:

> We should have a session.
> I think 60 minutes is enough for the CG part.
> But I'm wondering if there should also be "this is what is happening at
> IETF (etc)"? Or is it too early? Maybe not, we know the process and it is
> ongoing even if the result is not there yet...

We have I think three possible contents for an ICG session:

1. ICG present where we are, what we will do next.

2. Feedback from community to ICG (including Q&A), i.e. "open mike"

3. "Invitation" to other groups to come and present what is happening (IETF, RIRs, GNSO, ccNSO etc)

To some degree I think we need all three.

It is VERY important we do not loose anyone, so taking for granted the community know where we are is dangerous. Specifically given the "misunderstandings" I see on various mailing lists. So 1 is important.

I also think 2 is important. I.e. "why not"?

3 might also be important to cross feed information from these groups to the community (not so much to ICG).


1: 15 min
3: 10 min for each group that want to present
2: Whatever is left of 90 minutes


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