[Internal-cg] Results of chair structure poll

Drazek, Keith kdrazek at verisign.com
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I continue  to support Alyssa as Chair.

I would still be willing to serve as one of the +2 vice chairs, but please read the following: 


I am currently the Chair of the ICANN GNSO Registries Stakeholder Group and have been Chair or Alternate Chair since 2010. I have the expertise and experience and availability to help the group manage our business and to support the Chair.

HOWEVER: I would be remiss if I didn't relay two comments I have received from a couple of individuals and which may be raised during our selection process. I would prefer to address them head-on.

1. There's a perception among some that the ICG is too North-American centric, or more specifically that there's a disproportionate number of reps from the USA. There's a belief that the perception of the group will be undermined if a majority of Chair/VC are from the USA. They view the choice of the Chair/VC roles an opportunity to show diversity and to ensure there's geographic diversity among Chair/VCs. 

2. There's reportedly a perception among some that Verisign (my employer) is somehow conflicted in the work of the ICG due to our role as RZM and I should not be in a Chair or VC role. However, according to NTIA, Verisign's role in performing the RZM function is not the subject of the ICG's work on the IANA stewardship transition. The RZM function is in fact separate from the IANA functions and NTIA's stewardship of those functions, which IS the focus of NTIA's announcement and the community's work.

If the roles of the Chair and Vice Chairs are truly administrative, neither of these perception issues should be disqualifiers (especially the Verisign/RZM issue because it's incorrect), but I wanted to be transparent about the comments I've heard before a vote begins.



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I also agree with 1+2. Let's get on with it!

I will also charge ahead, hoping that there will be no serious dissent this time:

We seem to have consensus that we want Alissa to be the "1".

So we need people to come forward who want to be the "2". Let us hear it if you are willing. I suggest you do it again even if you have expressed your willingness before.

I propose that we formally appoint these three people at an August teleconference so that we have chairs who can prepare the September f2f and preside in Alissa's absence.

In preparation for that I am willing to organise an electronic poll if that is considered to be helpful.


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