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I think the independence you refer to is just independence from ICANN with sole instruction from and reporting to us... we were developing criteria for the secretariat in advance of filling the position.  There was also the suggestion that existing staff being completely dedicated or seconded to us with no ICANN reporting during the engagement might also meet those needs....

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Sorry, I'm not really sure...

I've a couple of issues with the paper.  I think that we actually have two parallel drafts based on Adiel's original - one commented on by Manal and Paul and the other by Narelle and Patrik - so I'd like to be clear about which of the two we are taking as v02 for approval.

Going through the papers, I see that (section 2) we refer to "an independent organisation (not ICANN)" without identifying who that should be.  Currently I do not see any clearly independent organisation, but I do think we need to nail this before going out with a call for proposals.

Second point, as I read the text I am left feeling that we have merged what is currently two separate issues - the secretariat (performed by Sam Dickenson at the first meeting) and the support team from ICANN which looked after logistics etc as in "Arrange face to face meeting's venue along with related logistics;  Arrange ICG members’ travels, as and when required ").  Frankly I do not see the administrative role as being particularly sensitive.  Can we be clear that the role is not about the administration functions, which can remain with the current support team in ICANN?

Third (and Manal alludes to this), we cannot assume that an appointment on 31 August will allow the new secretariat to be in Istanbul for the first meeting (and preferably be in town for the discussions on the transition that will take place during the week:  do we need a fall-back plan for the second face-to-face meeting?

There is reference to linguistic ability (in a comment from Manal and a rather more detailed proposal from Narelle.  While I recognise the importance of language diversity, I wonder whether this is a realistic expectation to include in a rfp.  The experience of working in a multicultural and multilingual environment is probably the key criterion to cover this.

A rather more important criterion is an understanding of the environment in which we are working - the different bits of the IANA functions and the communities which depend on them.  I'm not talking experts, but about having a general overview and a reasonable understanding of the important issues from the different sides would allow the secretariat to hit the ground running.

Sorry for the late intervention, but I hope this helps us close off this issue.


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This looks complete now. Agreed.


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Perhaps the following phrasing would be more appropriately constraining:

The role of the secretariat is strictly limited to the functions that support the ICG as described above.  Nothing in this decription of functions should be read beyond its plain english meaning and the secretariat is not clothed with any authority to speak on behalf of the ICG to third parties or the press, to develop independent positions or to draw conclusions from inputs or actions of the ICG.


On 8/1/2014 6:45 AM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> Agreed. Very important.
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>> This version should be further enhanced by explicitly listing *non* tasks:
>> "It is not the task of the secretary to draw conclusions from inputs 
>> or actions of the ICG."
>> "It is not the task of the secretary to interpret or explain actions 
>> of the ICG for third parties, particularly the press."
>> and
>> "Part of the task of summarising is to maintain an archive of the 
>> summarised material that is easily accessible and referenced 
>> appropriately from the summaries."
>> Daniel
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