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Thank you Patrik for bringing this up.

The members of our Coordination Group represent different things, in varying degrees: user communities, technical bodies, clients of the IANA functions, sovereign states, companies that have some interest in the outcome of Transition.

As a result, it is not realistic to expect or demand a single, unified "mailing list behaviour". For example, an executive from a business company may be expected to forward to his/her superiors whatever he/she thinks is in that company's interest, and we won't stop that. On the other hand, if that person is endowed with executive powers, he/she may not feel it necessary to pass on information considered of a subordinate level. As for members of the GAC, can you imagine someone from, say, the Asia-Pacific region speaking/writing on behalf of all the very contrasted governments in that region, without referring back? In the case of the At-Large, I make sure not to add anything to our CG mailing list, but to simply forward separately.

My take-aways is this: 
- we should observe the rule you suggested of not adding cc: directly ON our list, nor in reverse.
- While attracting the attention of CG members to the points you made (thank you Patrik), we have to accept that certain representatives have obligations towards their community, employer or principal, provided this is done on their SEPARATE lists, and by exercising due judgment.

Best regards,

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I also fully agree with Patrik and believe Mohamed has also made a similar comment earlier ..
Kind regards

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On Aug 2, 2014, at 09:30 AM, Patrik Fältström <paf at frobbit.se> wrote:
> Although we are an open process, I would like to discourage cc:ing *this* list on other mailing lists, for example the ones where communities do discuss their respective proposals that ultimately might end up on our table. Those proposals should later be submitted to us via some contact mechanism that is to be defined. This so that we can clearly know and understand what feedback we really have got, that can be included in the various summaries we create, and conclusions we draw from the coordination.

You are absolutely right and I second this.

- a.
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