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Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Wed Aug 6 08:04:35 UTC 2014

On 6.08.14 7:49 , Kavouss Arasteh wrote:
> Dear All,
> Ok .it seems that you do not agree with the inclusion of nationality in
> the list .Then I could limit the request that the nationality of each
> Pls then do that
> x

Kavouss, colleagues,

as a matter of principle I have not mentioned my nationality in
published biographies for decades. This information has no place in that
context because it does not define who I am in that context.
I have included my country of residence in some biographies where that
was appropriate and added value.  It is entirely unreasonable for anyone
to determine what information I choose to publish about myself anywhere;
especially since the uninformed reader may draw the wrong conclusion
that I consider my nationality important in that context.
Thus I see no reason to change this principle now  and I will not add
my nationality nor my country of residence to my biography as published
on the ICG web site or elsewhere.

At the same time my nationality is not a secret: I am German. In fact
this is a matter of public record in the ICG proceedings. I have no
objection against it being listed as part of that public record. I have
also indicated that I have no objection to my nationality being included
in a tabular overview, such as the one we have recently discussed, as
long as I have a say in what such an overview says about myself
depending on the context in which it appears.


PS: Just to be clear: I am German, a citizen of the European Union and I
am proud of it. I am especially proud that Germany recognises that
informational self-determination is a constitutional right. I have
fought for this decades ago and it is with great satisfaction that
nowadays I see this principle reflected in the laws of many countries in
the European Union.

PPS: It happens to be 100 years ago this year that a great catastrophe
happened where I live: the first world war. I cannot help but observe
that an emphasis on nationality over all the other things that define a
person contributed a great deal to that terrible war and to many of the
wars of the present time.

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