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Thank you Martin for you input and comments. Responses below:

> [MB1]: To mark out the different roles of secretary/secretariat and support functions which will continue to be operated by ICANN (won’t it?).

Yes, I think that is the trend, so I’m ok with the suggested change.

> "The ICG agreed to have the Secretariat contracted through an independent organisation (not ICANN), while funding for the support team and the Secretariat will primarily be provided from the budget set aside by ICANN.[2]”  
> [MB2]: We need to say who the independent organisation is, not who it isn’t.  As I said before, I’m not sure any of us can be considered “independent.”
> MB: We need to say who the independent organisation is, not who it isn’t.  As I said before, I’m not sure any of us can be considered “independent.”

Yes we have not agreed to what that will be yet. There have been few ideas floating in London regarding that (An academic institution or another renown not for profit organisation .. etc). I agree that none of us can be fully considered “independent” as such. I though for a while about CGI.br as potential candidate. In any case we need to agree on this very quickly.

> · 30 September 2015: Expected completion of Secretariat function[Martin1] 
> [MB3]: We should allow for overrun.

Fine with me.

> requests from the ICG and its Chair;
> [MB4]I think that this should be “chairs” throughout the document, referring to chair and co-chairs.

If I’m correct, the final consensus that was reached is to have on chair and two vice-chairs (no co-chairs)? So using ‘Chair’ will still be correct.

> Whilst the proceedings of the ICG will be conducted in English, some proficiency in any of the other five UN languages (French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese[Martin1]  or Mandarin) would be an advantage.
> [MB5]: Correctly Portuguese is not a UN language.  (The six official languages of the United Nations are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish” - http://www.un.org/depts/DGACM/faqs.shtml.)

Correct thanks.

> -       Arrange face to face meetings' venues along with related logistics;
> -       Arrange ICG members’ travels, as and when required;
> [MB6]I think these are tasks more appropriate to the ICANN support team.

Yes, but the idea was that the secretariat is the main responsible of these tasks but could work with ICANN support team for them.

Narelle Has suggested the language below in his review:

>> - Co-ordinate the arrangement of face to face meeting venues along with related logistics  with ICANN and other third parties where appropriate
>> - Arrange ICG member travel, as and when required in conjunction with ICANN
>> - Liaise with ICANN for administrative matters as required by the ICG and Chair

Will that address your concern? I was not sure if we want to mention the support team in this document that refer to overall secretariat function. Is everyone ok to be specific as suggested above?

> -  Serve as primary media contact point for the ICG fielding enquiries to the chairs and the ICG
> -  Using material prepared by the ICG, undertake public communications functions including dissemination of Press Releases and/or ICG statements as requested by the ICG. 
> [MB7]As it stands this is confusing (and then contradicted in the next paragraph).

I see your point and agree on your suggest improvement. I think being the contact point does not allow them to speak for the ICG, and any communication that they will disseminate will be as requested by ICG (or its chair’s). That kind of limit their engagement with third parties including the press.

- a.

On Aug 6, 2014, at 20:52 PM, Martin Boyle <Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk> wrote:

> Hi Adiel,
> Thanks for this.  I have made some edits and comments in dropbox and copied in the attachment here.
> Best
> Martin
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> Subject: [Internal-cg] ICG Secretariat Round #2
> Dear all,
> Attached is a revised version of the document. I have tried to incorporate and consolidate all the comments. I have left out some of the specific references made to tasks/activities in coordination with ICANN staff at this stage as I think we still need to clarifier that aspect and until then we should leave that out of this document. When appointed if we want something to be done with ICANN dedicated supporting staff we will instruct them accordingly. Narelle I have also added in the neutrality and independence aspect in the first paragraph of the requirements. PAF, some of your comments are covered by Paul’s so I did not repeat them.  In any case if I have left anything out feel free to raise. 
> Thanks.
> - a.
> <ICG-Secretariat-v02 MB edits.docx>

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