[Internal-cg] ICG Secretariat Round #2

Martin Boyle Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk
Thu Aug 7 11:50:21 UTC 2014

Thanks Adiel, that all looks fine.

My note on Chairs as opposed to Chair would be to allow whatever combination of Chair + co-/vice-chairs we eventually agree to, simply avoiding the bottleneck of a single point of contact.  But I'm fairly relaxed.

Narelle's language looks generally in the right direction.  I prefer the idea of clear separation of functions so that the Secretariat is not being distracted by fielding administrative tasks better performed by the ICANN team. 

>> - Co-ordinate the arrangement of face to face meeting venues along with related logistics  with ICANN and other third parties where appropriate

This looks fine, but could we put the " where appropriate" at the start of the sentence?  Ie, "Where appropriate, coordinate the arrangement ... and other third parties?

>> - Arrange ICG member travel, as and when required in conjunction with ICANN

Can't this just be excluded as it is entirely the role of the ICANN team?

>> - Liaise with ICANN for administrative matters as required by the ICG and Chair

Liaising is nice wording!



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