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Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Thu Aug 7 15:55:53 UTC 2014

On 7.08.14 8:53 , Subrenat, Jean-Jacques wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> to some who have argued that information about citizenship is irrelevant or unimportant, I would like to respond that it is certainly relevant and important for the sake of transparency and accountability.

I have not heard anyone opposing transparency regarding the citizenship
of ICG members.

I have not heard anyone say that citizenship was irrelevant.

> At our first meeting in London, when the interim Chair asked each member to introduce her/himself, I requested that citizenship be declared, and that this be noted. THERE WAS NO OBJECTION, and every member in turn gracefully provided the information.

That is correct and undisputed. And it all is a matter of record and
thus fully transparent.

> In line with the effort at transparency in which we all engaged in London, I request that citizenship be published along other data in the profiles of the ICG members. Failing to do so would only encourage the sense, however unjustified, that some members are not willing to be as transparent as necessary, or that they fear that this data would somehow make apparent some imbalance in the composition of our group. As we are entrusted with the task of presenting a transition plan to the NTIA on behalf of the global multistakeholder community, surely one of our basic duties is transparency about ourselves.

I consider it much more important for transparency to have information
about how each of us has been selected to be here and how they see their
role here. So you see that importance about elements of transparency is

I object to being forced to include nationality in my biography entry
because that is perceived to come from me and I do not wish to give the
perception that I considered citizenship important enough to include in
my public biography in the ICG context. This even more so as it would be
a departure of what I have been doing for decades in my public biography

Samantha has prepared a table of "profile" information for all of us
from our proceedings in London.  We should publish that as part of the
proceedings after all of us have taken the time to review that
information and fill in the blanks. Once the table is complete I have no
objections against a link from my entry on the ICG pages to my row in
that table. Once we all fill in the blanks we will be sufficiently
transparent. Should we decide that another item needs to be included in
the future, we can simply add it to the table.

Citizenship should definitely not be listed on the landing pages
unless we have consensus about that.

Again: This has absolutely nothing to do with avoiding transparency. To
me it has everything to do with informational self-determination.
I insist on being the person who determines what we publish about my
person and in what context.

Please understand that I just feel strongly about this issue and I do
not intend to be disruptive or criticise any of you.


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