[Internal-cg] ICG Officer Vote

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Thu Aug 14 15:26:37 UTC 2014

Keith Davidson has indeed confirmed to myself, Joe, and Martin off-list
that he is willing to serve. His nomination came in some hours late as
Martin was on leave prior to the deadline. My thinking here is that we
should give people the benefit of the doubt when they seem to be acting in
good faith.

Given that having Keith's name on the list of volunteers doesn't affect
the rest of the list (and each person can vote for whichever people whose
candidacies they find legitimate), I think we're in good shape to carry on
with the process Joe outlined.


On 8/14/14, 1:16 AM, "Daniel Karrenberg" <daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net>

>I will hold back with voting until Alissa or Joe have had a chance to
>respond to Jean-Jacques' challenge of process regarding the late
>addition of Keith Davidson to the slate.
>Note well that I personally agree with the choice of being pragmatic and
>add Keith rather than strictly follow the process here. However the
>challenge has been made and needs to be resolved before I feel able to
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