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Narelle Clark narelle.clark at accan.org.au
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[I'm sorry to add to the procedural/working methods topics. Most of them I consider 'bike shed' items.]

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> The first thing we need for a mostly online process is an interpretation of
> silence.  Does it mean consent?  If there are two positions put forward how
> is silence understood?

As we all know silence comes from several sources:
- attention elsewhere (for whatever project related/unrelated/good/bad reason)
- everything needed to be said has been said by others
- irrelevant/low priority item
- missed/lost item

I want to mention the last option right now as I am finding the volume of mail is swamping things on the list that actually need my attention.

Can I please therefore request a couple of norms:
- adjusting the subject line when the topic shifts
- prepending the subject with some useful tags eg: URG=urgent, ACT=requires action, VOTE=vote required, FYI...

That way I know if there is a time sensitive, urgent action required, and don't have to unpick it from a mail trail.

> Based on our current track record as a group,
> everything will end up in a doodle poll.  At the end of the day, perhaps we
> need to publish statistics on who's participating in the process?  None of us
> were nominated to be mere observers, and if the will of the group in
> question is not to have an opinion on a specific topic, then they should say
> so.  If they need more time for consultation they should say so.  If they
> agree or disagree, or have comments, they should say so in a timely basis.
> Silence is very counterproductive....  Old whine in a new post :-)

Your idea of timely is in a vastly different time zone to me. Some mornings I find 20 posts in a thread. 

Repeating other well-worded posts on a topic adds to the noise, not the signal within this group.

This does not mean a lack of participation, either now or in the future.

Also, if topics are not clearly broken out from mail trails/threads they are buried.



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