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Martin Boyle Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk
Fri Aug 15 15:27:52 UTC 2014

Hi All,

Mohamed beat me to it, so I have applied the amendments/comments I was working on on top of his and posted back in dropbox.

I’d like to make a couple of explanatory notes, though:

1.       There seems to be a tendency to widen the number of fronts:  I am concerned that, if we open to all stakeholder communities, we are essentially bypassing the focus on the three functions as centres of thinking.  The more I have thought about this, the more I see little value for any community NOT to submit its own proposal(s) whereas we really need the different groups to work with all affected stakeholders on their bit of the puzzle.  I thought (really believed) that were working on the operational lead approach expecting each to adopt its own process with its affected parties and other stakeholders.  I hope that we can keep to this approach.

2.       I’ve noted in a previous mail on this document that there are a number of ccTLDs who do not (and will not) engage with ICANN.  I’m happy for us not to encourage individual or small-group submissions, but we have to understand that there is a high probability that we will get input, so there is no point in trying to discourage them.  But we do need to think about how this might be dealt with and pose our questions to the wider community in a different form.  One way might be to offer a “fast track” approach to identify specific problems or requirements that they feel need to be addressed.

3.       I was left puzzled by references to an input from Daniel which I was not able to find.  I have commented on this paragraph somewhat in the dark (apologies if I’ve missed the point), but it does seem to me to be important for us to use the current NTIA/ICANN as the current basis.  This is then reflected in a couple of comments in the last section, on maintaining the framework for service delivery and on the clear separation of policy responsibility from the IANA.

By the way, is it v0.7 (as in the file title) or v0.6 (as in the document)?



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