[Internal-cg] Chair responsibilities

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Thu Aug 21 04:38:47 UTC 2014


Thank you for sharing this. It is encouraging to see that our chairs are
moving right along. Your way of organising yourselves looks very
reasonable to me. I am sure Patrik can deal with the fact that as an ICG
member he expressed a strong opinion about secretariat matters. As we
agreed in London the chairs should not be restrained to argue their
point of view as a member of the group.

I also appreciate the clarity of your paragraph about email
expectations. I just hope that this does not encourage a lot of private
communications with the chairs. My perception so far has been that we
all agree that communications about our work should be visible to all
members of the group and above board. I expect from the chairs that you
will actively push back if matters of substance are communicated to you


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