[Internal-cg] Next call Sep 26, 12:00-13:00 UTC

WUKnoben wolf-ulrich.knoben at t-online.de
Mon Aug 25 13:30:59 UTC 2014

I agree in sharing the "pain".

The issue was discussed discussed several times on GNSO council, and the 
secretariat sent me the following information about alternating times that 
have been found acceptable: 11:00 UTC, 15:00 UTC., and 20:00UTC which was 
later changed to 18:00UTC.
We have found that alternating among 3 time zones, like the Board does as 
well, shared the pain of awkward meeting hours and if the meeting dates are 
set well in advance, like the Council dates for one year, people do not get 
confused. We have never had the case where someone has not been to a meeting 
because they 'did not know/were confused'.
In addition we do not change the UTC times for the winter and summer times, 
we send out timely warning of the time change in each zone.

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