[Internal-cg] SUBSTANTIVE: RFP Timing

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Tue Aug 26 13:35:47 UTC 2014

[I am sorry but I must have missed the consensus call on publishing the
RFP before the IGF. Am I the only one?]

I was surprised that a lot of you expressed that you want to publish the
RFP before the IGF even though our call uncovered that the text is not
final today. So there will be changes. Whatever one might think about
the substance of those, there will be a new text which we will have to
agree on.

So I must raise the question of how we agree on the final text as a
group. What will be the mechanism for agreement and the time involved?
I suggested to do this at the next f2f meeting because it does not seem
practical to me to achieve agreement by another mechanism before that
meeting. If we can agree on another mechanism that works faster, all the

Not using a mechanism that clearly establishes agreement is what I meant
with "On the Fly!".

I have no objections against sharing the current draft with anyone,
including communities and IGF participants. I am not opposed to even
publishing it as the current draft. But until we agree as a group it has
to stay "draft". We could even say "Draft scheduled to be agreed on
September 6th" if we want to stress it is pretty stable.

So how are we going to agree on the final text?


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