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I still think we need to address the ability of stakeholders to directly comment to us in the development or on the unitary proposal. That is factual.
I'm also don't think that my language changes the charter as only operational communities submit proposals...

But I have learned that my community (NCSG) doesn't support the idea that only operational communities submit proposals and others only provide "input" to operational communities. It sounds like the operationals can ignore that input at will. And although that is not what anyone in ICG intended, that is how the current RFP reads to some people. We need to avoid that.

What my group, and I think ALAC as well, want to see is an operational community-led proposal development process (such as the GNSO/CCNSO Cross Community Working Group) that they can participate in as equal status members. In other words, although the process is being convened by GNSO and CCNSO who are operational communities, the user groups (CSG, NCSG, At Large) are part of that proposal development process and have basically the same status as the operators in that process

In some ways this is really a non-issue, because the names CCWG is already chartered in a way that is satisfactory to the non-operational communities in the names orbit. The CCWG is what will develop the proposal. And of course the names arena is the one that most people are probably thinking about when they fret about input.

I think the only other issue that is unresolved is whether we accept public comment on individual operational community proposals before we package them into a proposed final proposal. I think we should. But I don't think that issue needs to be resolved in the RFP.

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