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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue Aug 26 18:33:51 UTC 2014

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> To be clear, the requirement is not that there be consensus within each
> process, but that each proposal document "An assessment of the level of
> consensus behind your community’s proposal, including a description of
> areas of contention or disagreement,” as the last sentence of the RFP
> explains.

Well, I don't think we want proposals that don't have broad support. 

> The introduction currently says "Proposals are expected to enjoy a broad
> consensus of support from all interested parties.” If Milton’s change is
> accepted, could that sentence be modified to address your concern?
> Perhaps “The operational communities are expected to convene processes
> that aim to produce proposals that enjoy a broad consensus of support from
> all interested parties."

"broad support among all types of stakeholders" instread of "broad consensus of support" would possibly address this concern, as well as not be as awkward linguistically. 

However, I think I reflect the concerns of many civil society and user groups when I say that we do not want to let up on the pressre on the operational communities to negotiate and find agreement among all the stakeholder groups. So be careful with this language. 

Milton L Mueller
Syracuse University School of Information Studies
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