[Internal-cg] RFP: IANA Definition

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Aug 27 13:01:47 UTC 2014

I like this A, B, C; it's clear. The ABCs of IANA, by Patrik Falstrom. But let's not put it in the RFP, please.  
The point we seem to be missing is that the people who fill out the RFP will have their own working definition of what IANA is to them and what they do or do not want to change about it. So we don't need to get stuck on this. 


> -----Original Message-----
> Yes, I have tried to make Venn diagrams over these kind of things, but it is
> hard and do not always make the situation more clear. But a simple example
> can be:
> A. We have a set of functions and services ICANN in the form of the IANA
> team is providing under the contract with NTIA
> B. The very same group at ICANN also provide other functions and services
> that are not covered by the same contract, but other agreements
> C. Whoever has those other agreements with ICANN might have agreements
> with other organizations than ICANN to provide other functions and services,
> and the total set of functions and services (provided by ICANN and others) is
> what "they" might believe is the same "pool" of functions and services they
> want to cover under whatever processes they are looking at.
> I claim people normally include (A) and (B) in what they call "IANA", and we
> are interested in (A).
>    Patrik

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