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Dear Alissa,
One important element to consider is that ICG while should respect the time
constrain, should not rush in any key issue without beiong properly studied
For Charter, even though I remined ourseleves that one week was too short
as many people did not have time to comment and some other were still on
summer holidays but no body took my cooment into account and deadline of
one week was maintained.
This time we have still time to comment until 04 September .I therefroe do
not see any logic to rush by putting tomorrow as deadline for finalization.
If some people think of IGF ,I clearly indicated that we could provide IGF
with darft and indicate that still awaiting some final refinement.
I maintain my position as it was informed all distingushed ICG MEMBERS (AND

2014-08-27 19:56 GMT+02:00 Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in>:

> Thanks, Russ.
> I think the terminology in the timeline document needs to align with the
> terminology in the charter and RFP about who is being asked for what
> ("operational communities," "global multi-stakeholder community," etc.).
> So perhaps we can finalize that once we have the stable RFP, hopefully
> tomorrow.
> I think it would also be helpful to describe in the Excel spreadsheet in a
> little more detail what each row means. What is CFP? Who is responding to
> “Initial Response” and “Second Response”? And so forth.
> When the spreadsheet is stable I think it would also be helpful to export
> it as a table and insert it into the Word document, so that we have one
> document to point people to.
> Do others have comments on the timeline?
> Thanks,
> Alissa
> On 8/25/14, 3:26 PM, "Russ Housley" <housley at vigilsec.com> wrote:
> >Please find the attached documents.  The Word document describe the
> >steps.  The Excel spreadsheet demonstrates the overlap between the steps.
> >
> >Russ
> >
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