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Jari Arkko jari.arkko at piuha.net
Sun Jul 13 23:13:42 UTC 2014

Here is a very early draft for a charter of the group, provided as one possible 
starting point for the discussion. Please comment.

Jari, Russ, Alissa, Lynn


The coordination group has one deliverable, a proposal to the NTIA 
regarding the transition of NTIA’s stewardship of IANA functions to  the 
multi-stakeholder community.

The coordination group performs, as its name implies, coordination, among 
the communities that are affected by IANA functions. The IANA parameters fall 
into three categories: domain names, number resources, and other protocol 
parameters. While there is some overlap among these categories, they have
their own communities of interest; it is easiest to have these communities
proceed on the work in parallel.

The coordination group has three main tasks:

(i) Ensuring that the relevant communities are working on their part of the transition 

  This involves informing, tracking progress, and highlighting the results or remaining

  The role of a coordination group member during this phase is just

    - providing status updates about the progress of his or her community in
      developing their component,
    - coordinating which community will develop a transition proposal for each area
      of overlap (e.g., special-use registry) 
   - reflecting to the rest of the coordination group the consensus within the 
     member's own community.

(ii) Assemble a complete proposal for the transition.

  This can begin when the reports from the coordination group members from each
  of the three communities come back with an answer of, "Yes, there is consensus
  within my community in support of the complete proposal." 

  The assembly effort involves taking the proposals for the different components
  and verifying that they fulfil the intended full scope, meet the intended criteria,
  that there are no missing parts, and that the whole fits together.

  The CG might at some point detect problems with the component proposals.
  At that point the role of the CG is to communicate that back to the relevant
  communities so that they (the relevant communities) can address the issues.

  This step concludes when the coordination group achieves rough consensus that
  all conditions have been met.

(iii) Information sharing and communication.

  This should be performed continuously throughout the process.

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