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Dear all,

As one of those who joined the mailing list over the weekend, thanks Alissa for sharing the draft agenda for our meeting on Thursday & Friday.  

Thanks also to Jean-Jacques for his useful thoughts below.  

I agree with comments on list that the Coordinating Group's best role will be in identifying and building consensus from the wider discussion. In this light, we probably do need to think about structuring the discussion.

In this light I'd like to see us start by identifying the framework for the work:  what are the things that we need to get right?  CENTR produced a preliminary draft along these lines (https://centr.org/CENTR-Paper-Transition_of_NTIAs_Stewardship_of_the_IANA_Functions) that tries to identify basic principles that need to be retained in any final proposal and also does a first assessment of potential risks and how these risks might be mitigated.  The analysis is ccTLD-centred and probably needs further thought, but some of the ideas will have a read across to other parts of the IANA function.

Until we get this framework agreed - and this probably needs to be done separately for each of the IANA functions - I think it will be premature for us to start to look at types of framework.

As we work through our analysis, I would suggest that the analysis for domain names needs to be subdivided into gTLDs and ccTLDs:  the CENTR paper flagged above notes some of the specificities of ccTLDs (most notably that there is no contractual framework for ccTLDs with ICANN or on the IANA).

I look forward to our discussions on Thursday & Friday.


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Hi Jean-Jacques,

I have a couple of questions below.

On 7/14/14, 12:18 PM, "jjs" <jjs at dyalog.net> wrote:

>Hello Alissa,
>you called for volunteers within our Coordination Group to flesh out 
>our draft agenda, and volunteer to lead the corresponding discussions.
>Throughout the Transition exercise, proposing viable  processes and 
>structures will be of prime importance.

Viable processes and structures for what? I’m unclear on what you are referring to here.

>Understandably,  our draft agenda for London does not identify this as 
>a separate challenge. But I think it must shape all of our work right 
>from the start. I would therefore suggest that on Day 2, from 11:45 to 
>12:45, we include a discussion on possible types of framework and 
>process, as a replacement for the oversight currently exercised by the USG.

Again I’m unclear on what you mean by “types of framework and process.”
Could you elaborate?

In the thread about the proposed CG charter, there have been a few messages indicating support for the idea that the bulk of the substance of the transition proposal be developed in the separate communities of interest, following those communities’ processes. So I’m interested to learn more about what you mean by types of process to replace the current USG oversight.


>Our point of departure must be the 4 criteria laid out by the USG for a 
>transition to be accepted .
>I'd be prepared to introduce the subject and lead the discussion.
>Best regards,
>Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in> a écrit :
>>I am re-sending the link to the agenda (in .txt and .pdf format) in 
>>case new folks have joined this list over the weekend:
>>If you are willing to lead any of the agenda sessions, and 
>>particularly if you’re willing to contribute a proposal for any of the 
>>sessions and use that to structure the discussion, please make that 
>>known on the list or by replying to me directly. I have started 
>>reaching out to some of you individually about leading various 
>>sessions and will continue to do so if we don’t have enough 
>>On 7/11/14, 4:11 PM, "Alissa Cooper" <alissa at cooperw.in> wrote:
>>>I have updated the agenda (attached) based on our call yesterday. 
>>>Note that Day 2 now concludes at 5pm rather than 4:30pm.
>>>For a few of the sessions I put “(IETF)” or “(IAB)” in parentheses 
>>>where I know we are working on proposals and may be able to lead 
>>>those sessions.
>>>If you are willing to lead any of the agenda sessions, and 
>>>particularly if you’re willing to contribute a proposal for any of 
>>>the sessions and use that to structure the discussion, please make 
>>>that known on the list or by replying to me directly. I will probably 
>>>reach out to some of you individually about leading various sessions 
>>>if we don’t have enough volunteers.
>>>It would probably be good to publish at least a rough agenda publicly 
>>>on our various mailing lists prior to the meeting so that people 
>>>watching remotely can follow along. Let’s aim to do that by, say, 20:00 UTC.
>>>And please keep the comments/suggestions coming on the agenda.
>>>On 7/9/14, 2:04 AM, "WUKnoben" <wolf-ulrich.knoben at t-online.de> wrote:
>>>>Thanks Alice and Alissa for preparing the meeting. I'm one of the 
>>>>GNSO appointees and loaded with more than 30 years of experience 
>>>>from the telco sector. My former employer was Deutsche Telekom, and 
>>>>I'm now working for eco, the German internet business association.
>>>>Easy for me to be in London on time. Looking forward to meet you all 
>>>>Best regards
>>>>Wolf-Ulrich Knoben
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>>>>Hi all,
>>>>Looking forward to working with you on this important effort. I 
>>>>think I know most of you, but for those who I do not: I’m Alissa 
>>>>Cooper, one of the IETF appointees. I work for Cisco on 
>>>>collaboration technologies (voice, WebEx, video conferencing). I’m 
>>>>currently one of the IETF’s 15 area directors. I’m based in California.
>>>>I’ve attached a proposed agenda for the July 17-18 meeting, 
>>>>developed in discussion with some IETF/IAB colleagues. This is very 
>>>>much a draft so it would be great to get discussion going with 
>>>>Since the group will be somewhat large (~30 people), I made each 
>>>>slot a bit on the long side.
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