[Internal-cg] Further subdivision of IANA constituencies?

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Jul 16 16:23:55 UTC 2014

An intriguing suggestion, Paul. This is the kind of question we need to be asking and considering in response to the special problems associated with the DNS IANA. Probably best done at the meeting. Bear in mind, however, that TLD registries are part of the GNSO, fully represented in it. 

Adding even more complexity, where does the GAC fit in? Is it considered part of the GNSO recommendation? Does it make a separate recommendation? Does it fit into one of the three communities? I think the CG should strongly discourage a silo'd approach to the GAC, it badly, badly needs to be in full, integrated communication with other stakeholder groups.

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Is there a solution for us in subdividing the names community further into GNSO, CCs, and Registries, as in fact the CG constituencies reflect.  My question is whether the transition plans of these groups actually do need to be shared, or if they can be asked to lay out their plans/requirements independently, for us to then reconcile.  We may find that their differences can actually coexist in the final plan, without breaking anything.



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