[Internal-cg] Proposed agenda for July 17-18

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Thu Jul 17 06:44:08 UTC 2014

This is excellent! Thanks Jari and Alissa for the agenda.

Here are my few comments:

> === IANA CG Agenda - July 17-18, 2014 ===
> =========================================
> == Day 1 ==
> 9:15 - 10:45
> Introductions. (Alissa)
> It would be useful to hear from each rep about:
> - What group appointed them
> - What that group does and who participates in it
> - How that group does its work and what its decision processes are
> - Whether they are "representing" their groups or participating as individuals in the CG
> - How they view their group's work in relation to the coordination group's work

I think this part is very very important. Different groups will most certainly have different operations, and learning about each other is essential for the CG to work effectively in the future.

Remember, we have a hard task to do *together*.

> 13:30 - 15:00
> Transition scope and expectations about work in the communities. (Paul)
> It would be good to clarify the CG's understanding of the scope of the work of the
> transition, what the community processes need to produce, and where/how areas of overlap
> will be handled. We will want to communicate this publicly if we get agreement on it.

Here I envision that some communities do have a very strong view regarding scope, and that the scope should be narrow, for various reasons. Other groups might have undefined and also broader scope.

If there is something I do not think this group will have problems with are viewpoints that arrive very very late in the process. Late enough so that many people on the CG do think "but did we not have consensus on that".

One of the most important such issues that could create issues is "scope". If someone disagree with scope, let everyone know *now*.

I want to see chair(s) of this CG be able to use a "consensus" (for some definition of consensus) view on scope as a tool to be able to move forward in the end-game of this CG.

> 9:45 - 10:15
> Internal and external communications needs. (Martin)
> Whether the CG needs public and/or private mailing lists for its own work, whether we
> should stand up our own web site, where that site should be hosted, what we would use the
> web site for, what we think about ICANN's web-based platform and whether it should
> continue to exist and/or be replaced by other list(s).

Regarding internal- and external communication needs, and possibly overlapping with the next item managed by Daniel, I think although I already see individuals on CG bring back "stuff" to our respective communities we should have a way to bring back _coordinated_ material back.

I.e. we will have "random stuff" each one of us bring back, but then we will also have "coordinated stuff" that is brought back.

Regarding "where things are hosted", I have seen too many discussions about that at ICANN. My personal view is that as long as the CG set the rules for what is published and why, where it is hosted (by whom) is not important. That is an implementation of a policy, and it is where and how the policy is written (by CG) that is what we should focus on.

Or more directly, if ICANN want to host it, that is for me ok as long as CG set the rules for layout, content, approval of texts etc.

With that, good luck friends!!!

I will do whatever I can to follow this list these days.


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