[Internal-cg] report on self-organization

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Fri Jul 18 07:26:12 UTC 2014

Since some folks are remote or not able to attend, I think it would help
for the discussion later today for people to volunteer by email to this
list. I’m willing to volunteer for a co-chair slot.


On 7/17/14, 11:45 PM, "joseph alhadeff" <joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com> wrote:

>Please find attached a summary of the discussion, findings and
>outstanding items of the session on self-organization.
>Heather, Tom I am copying you for the information of the 5 GAC nominees
>as well.
>There will be a further session on this topic tomorrow with the potential
>for volunteers to identify themselves and set forth what they could bring
>to their roles.  Depending on the outcome of that process, we may be able
>to finalize the positions tomorrow.
>Best regards,
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