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joseph alhadeff joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com
Fri Jul 18 09:13:09 UTC 2014

Milton in the broad policy-making activities that I engage in, 
legitimate often has that compliance with rules/regulation connotation.  
Is there another word or words that approximate what you are looking for 
that may not carry the unintentional baggage?
On 7/18/2014 4:48 AM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
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>> 1) There was e-mail discussion about the word "legitimate" that has
>> not been acted upon. The group needs to make a decision, but I think
>> based on e-mail discussion that was pretty obvious.
> Based on this email traffic I initiated an inquiry in my stakeholder group and they would be pretty upset if the word "legitimacy" is struck. I think it shows a certain political insensitivity on the part of the technical community to pretend as if legitimacy issues with ICANN do not exist or are not important. Further, I find the main rationale for fearing the word legitimacy - the idea that it somehow supports governmental oversight - to be prima facie false, a kind of strange and idiosyncratic aspect of ICANN culture.
> Here is the common dictionary definition of legitimacy:
> "In political science, legitimacy is the popular acceptance of an authority, usually a governing law or a régime."
> The key operant phrase here is "popular acceptance of an authority." IANA is a regime. The last "A" in IANA stands for "Authority" We want and need popular acceptance of whatever authority the new, post-NTIA IANA has.
> Thus, unless a better rationale for removing the word is provided I would strongly oppose it.
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