[Internal-cg] Input on the Question of the Secretariat

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Fri Jul 18 10:21:15 UTC 2014

We are already behind schedule and I believe it is important that we are
not rushed when we prepare the "communique" from this meeting.

So I will charge ahead and summarise the discussion so far. I hope that
this will enable us to come to consensus about the secretariat more
quickly than scheduled.

I suggest we do this as a two stage discussion. First agree on the tasks
and then agree on how we get them done.


So, can we get consensus about the following first:

Secretariat tasks:

- minutes
- action item tracking
- calendar for meeting and teleconference schedules
- mail list management
- web pages
  -- facilitate meeting information distribution
  -- information dissemination to the public
  -- wiki pages (or other technology) that allows us to each make edits
to content
  -- posting draft document
  -- posting meeting minutes, transcripts, audio streams, and so on

  -- meeting venue arrangements
  -- travel arrangements

  -- Operate and managed contact points for the communit
  -- Compile and summarize input from the community,
	so that it is easily digestible by CG members
	(so we can dive into details where needed)
  -- Copy editing of documents, output and whatever else CG need help with

  -- referring press to our public information
  -- providing press with a complete list of ICG members for interviews etc.


Secretariat non-tasks:

   -- talking to the press other than as specified above
   -- develop conclusions from or interpret material both from the
community and the ICG



Once we have agreed on the task list we have to discuss how to obtain
these services. From the discussion so far I get the impression that the
emphasis is on expediency here.  Would it be acceptable to ask ICANN if
they are prepared to do this work as we specified provided that they
will provide dedicated *people* for the duration and clearly instruct
them to take direction *exclusively* from the ICG and that the web
presence and outside communication is not ICANN branded?

I realise that many people feel some discomfort with such a way forward
and I share that discomfort to some extent. My question really is
whether this discomfort is strong enough to warrant spending the energy
a different solution would require. Once the discussion is moving in the
direction of spending that energy I intend to very quickly get into who
exactly is going to do the work of finding and contracting another party.


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