[Internal-cg] GAC representation added to list and website

Daniel Karrenberg daniel.karrenberg at ripe.net
Fri Jul 18 11:01:09 UTC 2014

On 18.07.14 12:25 , Theresa Swinehart wrote:
> ...
> GAC representation as provided by the GAC are: 
> Manal Ismail (Egypt)
> Heather Dryden (Canada)
> Kavouss Arasteh (Iran)
> Michael Niebel (European Commission)
> Jandyr Ferreira dos Santos (Brazil)
> Welcome to the Coordination Group. 

Welcome indeed!

Let me add a personal observation:

While discussing whether to accept a larger number of people in our
group, many ICG members expressed their hope that each one of you would
actively help us to engage governments in your respective regions. It
would be very very helpful if governments actively participated in the
drawing up of the proposals for the various parts of the IANA functions
thus bringing their input to the relevant tables as early as possible.
Many of us expect that the benefit of having each of you at our table is
much improved outreach and engagement of governments.

In my opinion it would not be helpful at all if governments waited until
the later stages to make their concerns known, especially the stage when
the ICG has to assemble the final proposal.

Welcome again

Daniel Karrenberg

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