[Internal-cg] Primitive notes on scheduling meetings

Narelle Clark narelle.clark at accan.org.au
Fri Jul 18 12:58:16 UTC 2014

great summary, however can I put in a bid for the following f2f sessions instead/as well as necessary:

Nov 2014 IETF 91  Honolulu 
Feb 2015 ICANN 52 Marrakech

Agreed, the sooner this is agreed the better so will even go with the below.


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Subject: [Internal-cg] Primitive notes on scheduling meetings

Refer to this message as the framework for our discussion of meetings.
Also refer to Russ’s “Timeline Discussion” document, as meetings need to be coordinated with our deadlines and expectations of milestones.

3 types of meetings:

-        Face to face (F2F)

-        Conference calls

-        Email List traffic


1.      Rely on list traffic remainder of July & August
- charter and call for proposals should be finalized via email and list

2.      Decision: Next f2f: Istanbul IGF or ICANN LA? or Both?

F2F - Istanbul IGF Sept X - to publicize and promote work of the CG
CG could make a presentation to a plenary session

Or, F2F in ICANN meeting in LA

Or, F2F in September (IGF) and October (ICANN)

3.      Conf calls November, December, January, February

4.      Receipt of proposals by beginning of March 2015?

F2F in Dallas, TX near or during IETF 92, Mar 22-27
Or, F2F in APNIC 39 in Japan 24 Feb - 6 March 2015

5.      Conf call in April

6.      F2F in May 2015 at a location TBA

7.      Conf calls in June, July

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