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In March 2014, the NTIA announced its intention to transition its stewardship role of IANA functions to the global multistakeholder community. As a part of this transition, the Internet community has launched efforts to derive a proposal to do this and meet the criteria set out by the NTIA.

A large part of these efforts are ongoing in the respective communities, for instance for names in ICANN and country-code communities, for numbers in the RIR community, and for protocol parameters in the IETF.

In addition, The IANA stewardship transition coordination group (ICG) has been set up with a mission is to coordinate the development of a proposal among the communities affected by the IANA functions. The group has one deliverable: a proposal to the U.S. Commerce Department National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) regarding the transition of NTIA’s stewardship of the IANA functions to the Internet community. The group will conduct itself transparently, consult with a broad range of stakeholders, and ensure that its proposals support the security and stability of the IANA functions.

The membership of the ICG has been defined by the Internet communities participating in it, namely (ALAC, ASO, ccNSO, GAC, GNSO, gTLD, ICC/BASIS, IAB, IETF, ISOC, NRO, RSSAC, SSAC) and the group's creation was facilitated by ICANN.

The ICG has met for the first time on 17-18 July in London, UK. The members of the ICG were on while others connected remotely. The meeting was also streamed live to all interested observers in six different languages.

In its first meeting, the ICG completed a proposed charter and scope for itself, talked about a timeline for the transition and communication needs, and worked on the ICG's internal organisation and participation.

The meeting minutes and recordings are available at (URL) and draft charter and timeline are at (URL) and (URL). In the coming days and weeks the ICG will be starting its dialogue with Internet communities.

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