[Internal-cg] charter version to go out on the web

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Sun Jul 20 09:54:29 UTC 2014

Appreciate re-iterating the deadline for commenting on the charter, if
still possible .. Apologies to have overlooked that ..

If agreed, I suggest adding a couple of sentences on how the ICG intends
to work, in terms of its structure (chair, co-chairs, ...) and its
approach to resolve issues (in line with what was sent to the GAC chair)
.. i.e. something along the following lines:

"... The ICG will select [a chair and 2 co-chairs / 3 co-chairs/ or
whatever was agreed, as I have missed this] from its members.
Additionally, in performing its narrow role of coordination, the group
will operate by rough consensus judged more by the merit of objections
rather than the number of them. ..."

Kind Regards

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This is a clean version of the final charter (and with the right version
number). Once the statement goes out, it needs to have a pointer to this
charter, so the charter also needs to be up on the web somewhere.

You guys know what to do about that...

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