[Internal-cg] Information sharing beyond ICG ..

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Mon Jul 21 08:45:50 UTC 2014

Apologies for the misunderstanding .. Definitely this was not my intention nor I think was the intention of the reply ..
I may have not chosen the right words .. I did not mean 'approval' per se .. I should have rather said 'explicit discussion' .. I was just trying not to depend on assumptions or guesses ..

Kind Regards

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Colleagues:  I don't have any issue with the solution proposed, but I do want to highlight that no single individual on this list can provide an explicit approval which is the purview of the group...

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Many thanks Daniel ..
This matches my understanding .. I just thought to seek explicit
approval in case I have missed anything as a late comer ..
Kind regards

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On 21.07.14 9:03 , Manal Ismail wrote:
> Is it ok to share, beyond this group, documents under discussion here
> have you agreed to wait for versions approved by this coordination
> first ?
> This is a general question for all documents being exchanged, just to
> make sure I'm not violating any agreed rules by sharing working
documents ..
> Appreciate your advice ..


the group decided to have the e-mail archives of this list open to the
public. So anything discussed on the list is for all practical purposes

So personally I would feel totally comfortable with anyone sharing
anything that happens on this list, including documents exchanged here.


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