[Internal-cg] Co-chair roles document for comment

WUKnoben wolf-ulrich.knoben at t-online.de
Tue Jul 22 18:52:43 UTC 2014

Thanks Joe for your comprehensive description.

As to the role I fully accept and don't see anything missing.

Re the numbers of co-chairs I think 2 is good but necessary. Whether to call 
them co- or alternate chairs doesn't really matter as long as they share the 

I was very much satisfied with Alissa navigating us through the London 
meeting, thank her for hwer willingness to serve as chair and join others 
having already expressed support for her.

Best regards


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I would ask members to use the time frames requested to both comment on 
numbers as well as on the description of thr role.  I would also ask that if 
we go with one chair we have some form of backup if the one chair can not 
make a meeting.

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On 21.07.14 0:45 , Mary Uduma wrote:
> ...
> In my opinion,  I would ask the ICG to rethink on the  issue of
> co-chairs.  I think we need only a Chairperson to fast-rack our work. It
> is always very challenging to row the  boat smoothly when there are
> several captains. Moreover, ICG is not a permanent Group.
> We should cut down on bureaucracies of selecting three co-chairs with
> all the attendant "balancing"  that must be considered in the process.
> Looking back at 17-18 July meeting, you will agree with me that it was
> smooth, focused and well steered.
> I will urge us to select a capable chair who can always call for
> volunteer leads on  theme(s) and other adhoc task(s}.
> ...

I think Mary has spoken very wise words here. It is a pity that we have
been too far down a rat-hole to hear her when she said this during the
meeting. Maybe we can take the chance to heed her advice now.

I, for one, completely agree with her.

I also believe Alissa did an outstanding job preparing and running the
meeting. We should we look further?

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