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As a result of the  consultation process, a new consensus has emerged:

There is now support for a Chair and Alternate.  I have taken the 
liberty off accommodating a minority request for co-chairs by allowing 
the Chair to have the Alternate play a supporting role to share the work 
as they see fit between themselves, but the Chair is the primary 
decision-maker between the two.

I have adapted the previous document to reflect that.  Attached is a red 
line version, below is a clean text.

In the process of comment Alissa Cooper has been the only candidate for 
Chair spontaneously suggested.  There is a request of the existing 
volunteers or any new volunteers to clarify their position related to 
what role they are interested in; please note the timeline below.

One question as to process.  Online, the only humming comes from the air 
conditioning; therefore the process of achieving consensus is the rough 
consensus among those who post an opinion.  To date the above reflects 
the consensus comments.


*_Role Of The Chair-Alternate (Draft v 1.0)_*


As a result of the consultation since the first meeting of the IANA 
Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) a new consensus has 
emerged among those that have commented.There will be one Chair and an 
Alternate.. A call for volunteers remains open among committee members 
for Chair and Alternate. It continues to be agreed that the roles of the 
Chair/Alternate, supported by the secretariat, would be mostly related 
to the organization and running of the coordination group – keeping the 
trains running on time was a description often used by analogy.The 
ability of Chair/Alternate to execute the needed functions and work 
collaboratively was seen as essential to the role.It was also suggested 
by some that considerations of diversity would be desirable in the 
choice of officers. Finally it was suggested that a more precise resume 
of the roles would be useful, which is the purpose of this draft.

*Comment and Selection Process*

This Draft, Chair-Alternate (draft 1.0) has incorporated the requested 
changes from commentators, with one compromise – there was a minority 
request for more than one chair to share the work.I have proposed that 
the Chair and Alternate can self-organize the work between 
themselves.This maintains one clear Chair, while allowing for the 
Alternate to support the chair as well.

The final deadline for comments and additional volunteers by 2:00PM CET 
Thursday July 24th to the list under the subject “Role of the 
Chair-Alternate draft v 1.0 for comment and volunteers”.The Role of the 
Chair-Alternate document and list of volunteers will be posted on 
Thursday evening.ICG members must make their preferences for Chair and 
Alternate known one week from that date (COB July 31).If ICG members are 
in agreement (please suggest alternative procedures to the list, if 
not), preferences can be manifested by sending a post to the list with 
your preferred candidate for each role.. We would ask that all 
volunteers be sure to have submitted their bios to the secretariat as 
requested so that they are available for review.Any volunteer wishing to 
provide further information may do so by e-mail to the list.To date, 
there have been 5 volunteers:

Russ Housley (IAB)
Alissa Cooper (IETF)
Partrik Faltstrom (SSAC)
Keith Drazek (GTLd Registries)
Jean-Jacques Subrenat (ALAC)

Since the consultation, a majority of the commentators, including some 
of the other volunteers, have supported Alissa Cooper to be Chair (the 
only person mentioned to date for the revised role), citing her 
exemplary work in preparing for and executing the de-facto chair role of 
the first meeting.Alissa has indicated her willingness to serve if that 
is the will of the group.Furthermore, there have been no suggestions for 
modification to the role description.

In light of the above, would the current volunteers please specify if 
they continue to be interested in one or both positions?Obviously, 
Alissa has been nominated for Chair and accepted, if so confirmed, so 
that is clarified as to her intent.

*Chair/Alternate Processes and Responsibilities:*

Operational Processes

·There will be a Chair and an Alternate (selected from volunteers) that 
will serve for the duration of this exercise.The Alternate will be able 
to act as chair if the Chair is unavailable and will also be able to 
support the Chair in related activities as needed.

·The ICG will reserve the right to change the number of the 
Chair/Alternate, their role or who will serve, as appropriate, through 
its established operating procedure of rough consensus.

·If for any reason the Chair or Alternate is no longer able or willing 
to serve in that capacity, they will inform the secretariat who will 
communicate this to the ICG and request that it seek volunteers to fill 
the vacancy..

·The Chair and Alternate are explicitly able to participate in ICG 
discussions on their own or their constituency’s behalf and are just 
requested to take appropriate precaution that there is no confusion 
related to their role in such participation.

·The operational modalities of the Chair and Alternate, who is 
undertaking what function, moderating the conversation for example, 
maintaining the que…, is left to the Chair’s self-organization.It was 
the view of the ICG that we did not wish to micro-manage the Chair 
operations, but ICG obviously reserves the right to suggest or make 
changes pursuant to rough consensus.


·The role of the Chair/Alternate is to assure that meetings and 
conference calls are properly scheduled, planned, prepared, organized 
and efficiently conducted including:

ofinalizing this version of the timeline and other work in process

oplanning for appropriate outreach and consultation

otimely developing agendas in appropriate consultation with ICG,

oorganizing volunteers (for themes, discussion topics and other needed 

omoderating discussion and other elements of meeting function

ooverseeing minutes and summaries being taken, reviewed and circulated 
in a timely fashion supported by the secretariat as well as the 
drafting, circulation and publication of other needed papers and 
documents, and

oassuring that action items are captured, completed or otherwise 
followed up; including between calls and meetings.

·Chair/Alternate will be appropriately supported by the Secretariat in 
the executing these functions.

·Chair/Alternate are not meant to have independent decision-making in 
substantive issues of the ICG on behalf of the group, but are rather the 
coordinators of the process elements related to the calls, meetings and 
related functions.Decisions must remain inclusive and collaborative. 
There was discussion, however, that where rough consensus does not 
emerge organically or cannot be recognized, the Chair/Alternate will 
lead the ICG in a process to finalize rough consensus.

·There is no current spokesperson or press liaison role associated to 
the Chair/Alternate, but the ICG may revisit that function as needed and 
subject to whatever conditions (only speak from agreed points, etc) it 
feels appropriate.

·Chair/Alternate should also recognize that by virtue of their title 
they are clothed with apparent authority and should make clear across 
all situations what their role and representative capacity is (on behalf 
of themselves, their consistency…)

·Chair/Alternate need to be mindful of and support the needs of 
transparency of this process in the planning, organization, conduct and 
reporting back of calls and meetings as well as the drafting of papers 
and other supporting documents

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