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Wed Jul 23 16:02:58 UTC 2014

the statement that "a new consensus has been reached" is not acceptable to the representatives of the ALAC, who have agreed neither to a sudden reversal of the decision taken in London (3 co-Chairs), nor to the subsequent nomination of one candidate.
This has been referred to the ALAC, whose consolidated position will be made known shortly.
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joseph alhadeff <joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com> a écrit :

>As a result of the  consultation process, a new consensus has emerged:
>There is now support for a Chair and Alternate.  I have taken the 
>liberty off accommodating a minority request for co-chairs by allowing 
>the Chair to have the Alternate play a supporting role to share the work 
>as they see fit between themselves, but the Chair is the primary 
>decision-maker between the two.
>I have adapted the previous document to reflect that.  Attached is a red 
>line version, below is a clean text.
>In the process of comment Alissa Cooper has been the only candidate for 
>Chair spontaneously suggested.  There is a request of the existing 
>volunteers or any new volunteers to clarify their position related to 
>what role they are interested in; please note the timeline below.
>One question as to process.  Online, the only humming comes from the air 
>conditioning; therefore the process of achieving consensus is the rough 
>consensus among those who post an opinion.  To date the above reflects 
>the consensus comments.
>*_Role Of The Chair-Alternate (Draft v 1.0)_*
>As a result of the consultation since the first meeting of the IANA 
>Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG) a new consensus has 
>emerged among those that have commented.There will be one Chair and an 
>Alternate.. A call for volunteers remains open among committee members 
>for Chair and Alternate. It continues to be agreed that the roles of the 
>Chair/Alternate, supported by the secretariat, would be mostly related 
>to the organization and running of the coordination group – keeping the 
>trains running on time was a description often used by analogy.The 
>ability of Chair/Alternate to execute the needed functions and work 
>collaboratively was seen as essential to the role.It was also suggested 
>by some that considerations of diversity would be desirable in the 
>choice of officers. Finally it was suggested that a more precise resume 
>of the roles would be useful, which is the purpose of this draft.
>*Comment and Selection Process*
>This Draft, Chair-Alternate (draft 1.0) has incorporated the requested 
>changes from commentators, with one compromise – there was a minority 
>request for more than one chair to share the work.I have proposed that 
>the Chair and Alternate can self-organize the work between 
>themselves.This maintains one clear Chair, while allowing for the 
>Alternate to support the chair as well.
>The final deadline for comments and additional volunteers by 2:00PM CET 
>Thursday July 24th to the list under the subject “Role of the 
>Chair-Alternate draft v 1.0 for comment and volunteers”.The Role of the 
>Chair-Alternate document and list of volunteers will be posted on 

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