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Hello Joe,

the reason I have not "reconfirmed" is that, as a representative of the ALAC, I cannot agree to the fact that the decision taken in London (3 Co-Chairs) has been modified in several iterations (one Chair, one Chair + Alternate(s), Chair and sub-Chairs...) without full consensus. There is no point in replying to a subsidiary question, such as my candidacy, before questions of principle have been properly dealt with (as things stand today, heavy representation of one citizenship and of business -in various guises- in the Coordination Group, content of our current draft Charter, the "technical" nature of the exercise to be dealt with only or chiefly by the "technical" and business entities, image that an unbalanced Group would give to the global Internet community, the risk that this may contribute to a misrepresentation of the true motivation of the USG, etc).

Because of their non-anecdotal nature, I have referred these points to the ALAC, and am awaiting instructions.

Best regards,

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Colleagues - as we March to Noon UTC, I wanted to provide and update on volunteers and one more look at the proposed final paper (attached for your reference). 

To date the following information exists on our volunteers and their positions of interest: 

Alissa Cooper – Chair 

Keith Drazek – Alternate 

Patrik Faltstrom – Alternate 

Russ Housley – reconfirmed interest, but position not specified 

Jean-Jacques Subrenat – has not reconfirmed. 



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