[Internal-cg] Appointment of Alissa Cooper as chair of ICG

Kavouss Arasteh kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 16:16:39 UTC 2014

Dear All
I do not know ALLISA  at all.
I have no objection to the suggestion provided that she does not take any
position to the right or to the left ,be fair, firm, impartial and neutral
and fully respect the rights of all members of ICG .
Respect every and all  members  and does not command but consult, listen
and conduct the meeting
By the way I am surprised by such a process of short advice and tacit
/default agreement .
However, we may change outr views ,if necessary at later stage .

2014-07-25 17:16 GMT+02:00 Patrik Fältström <paf at frobbit.se>:

> On 25 jul 2014, at 15:32, jjs <jjs at dyalog.net> wrote:
> > - In London we appointed one of our colleagues as Interim Chair; as far
> as I'm aware, this decision has not been rescinded, so there is no need to
> appoint or confirm an Interim Chair.
> If this is really the case, that we all agree Alissa is Chair for us until
> further notice (according to a process that she "suddenly" is responsible
> for), then of course my suggested time for objection until Monday 1800 UTC
> is void.
> I was not in London, but I must say I did not see it as clear there was
> really consensus for her to be interim chair for longer than that meeting.
> My apologies for the misunderstanding.
> I felt, as you understand, there was a need to (re)confirm her being our
> leader (for now).
>    Patrik
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