[Internal-cg] Minutes for Day 2 of 1st ICG Meeting

Samantha Dickinson samantha at linguasynaptica.com
Fri Jul 25 22:16:32 UTC 2014

Apologies for the delay in getting these through. The list of action
items is slightly longer than that originally summarized at the end of
Day 2 by Alissa as I picked out a couple of smaller actions that were
mentioned in passing during the day. I have also included updates on
the action items from Day 1 as reported during Day 2.

I've attached an updated version of the proposed annex that now
contains the information from the introductions on Day 2.

Finally, one thing I noticed when trying to add hyperlinks in the
minutes to documents that had been posted to the mailing list: while
the email archives are totally public now, some of the attachments are
still located in the earlier private file structure and require a
password to be accessed. To overcome this, I have linked to the HTML
page of the email message rather than directly to the attachment. Let
me know if this is a problem.


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