[Internal-cg] Doodle poll for possible dates for the f2f meeting(s)

Narelle Clark narelle.clark at accan.org.au
Mon Jul 28 08:56:22 UTC 2014

And I hate to say this, but practical as it is, the current Doodle system we are adopting has effectively no security.

Given the list is archived publicly, anyone can locate the URL and edit it using the name of any of the people in the ICG, or indeed as the Emperor Charlemagne, if they were motivated to do so. 

I have an account with Doodle, and will be logged in when I enter or change things under my existing account, and I would encourage others to do so also. If another 'Narelle' appears, it is highly unlikely to have been me.

Having an account improves the security significantly, but the system is still open to abuse. Let's hope our work won't be subject to this (or other) type of abuse.

I recommend everyone set up an account with Doodle and use it, as these polls are tremendously helpful - until such time as we determine we need to do otherwise.

Best regards

Narelle Clark

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On 28 jul 2014, at 08:42, Paul Wilson <pwilson at apnic.net> wrote:

> I see that the last 3 respondents (Arasteh, Joe and Michael) are not included in the spreadsheet.
> Which is why I suggested to use the survey itself as the primary reference:
>   http://doodle.com/76seg27mgz4i44m5

...and because of this good proposal from you I have not created a new "poll results" file.

I have now replaced the poll results file with a HTML file (which should open if one click on it) that in turn contain a clickable link to the doodle poll results.


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