[Internal-cg] Room availability for Sept meeting

Alissa Cooper alissa at cooperw.in
Mon Jul 28 15:55:52 UTC 2014

I just got word that we should know for sure about Sept 6 room
availability by tomorrow, and that it’s looking likely that a room will be
available. So let’s table this discussion until tomorrow unless anyone
feels like they absolutely cannot wait one more day.


On 7/28/14, 8:30 AM, "Alissa Cooper" <alissa at cooperw.in> wrote:

>The ICANN staff has been busily trying to find a place for us to meet in
>Istanbul, and this is proving rather difficult.
>Currently, the only day when there is both a room available in which we
>can meet and when the translation service is available is Friday,
>September 5, which is the last day of the IGF. The ICANN staff are still
>investigating possibilities for September 6, but there are public holidays
>in Turkey this week, which means it may take a few more days before we
>have any more information about room availability for September 6. (On
>Sept 1 there is room availability but the translation service is not
>available — I do not think we can meet without translation, but if you
>disagree, please say so.)
>At this point I think we have three options:
>1. Decide that we will not meet in Istanbul.
>With this option, people who need to urgently make travel arrangements for
>the IGF can do so immediately. The ICANN staff is still checking on room
>availability in Los Angeles around the ICANN 51 meeting time, so we could
>aim to schedule our next face-to-face meeting around ICANN 51 by the end
>of this week or early next week (and perhaps schedule a couple of
>conference calls between now and then as well). We could also try to put
>together an informal “get to know each other” gathering in Istanbul even
>if we don’t meet formally.
>2. Decide that we will meet on September 5.
>Some ICG participants will certainly have conflicts at various points
>during the day on September 5, but we could meet anyway, or perhaps meet
>for part of the day. There is a plenary session about IANA on the IGF
>schedule from 9:30 to 11:00 that day; we could plan to meet from 11:30 to
>18:00, for example. I have also reached out to a contact involved with the
>IGF organizing to see if that IANA session could be moved to a different
>day so that the ICG could meet for the full day, and she is checking on
>that. Note: The room that is available to us on September 5 is near the
>IGF venue (it’s at the Grand Hyatt), but not at the IGF venue, so people
>transferring back and forth between the two venues will need a little bit
>of time to do that.
>3. Wait until we get more information about September 6 to decide.
>Hopefully by the end of this week we will know more about room
>availability on September 6, so we could wait for that information before
>What are your thoughts about how to proceed? Do people have drop-dead
>dates by which they absolutely must book their travel?
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