[Internal-cg] Updated deadlines - minutes, RFP, charter, secretariat

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Wed Jul 30 16:41:52 UTC 2014

I support having a call in August, preferably the week of 18 Aug.

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Subject: [Internal-cg] Updated deadlines - minutes, RFP, charter, 

Hi all,

I have updated the Action Items list (attached and in Dropbox). It
proposes specific timelines for a number of items that we agreed to work
on and lists who the owners are — whether the full ICG or some specific
person. Please respond ASAP if you think any of these deadlines need to be
changed. I’ve tried to synthesize various conversations in other threads
to come up with these. In places where “Secretariat” is listed as the
owner, I can work with them to get materials posted if necessary.

== Secretariat description ==
Comments due by July 31
Adiel to produce an updated version by Aug 4
Final version to be published and advertised by Aug 7 assuming we reach
agreement on content

== Communities RFP ==
Comments due by Aug 1
Paul to produce an updated version by Aug 5
Draft version to be published to communities by Aug 8 (acknowledging its
draft-y nature).

== Meeting minutes ==
Comments due by Aug 7
Final versions to be published by Aug 13

== Charter ==
Originally I think we were hoping to have received all charter comments
roughly by Aug 1. Mohamed has made a proposal that we setup an explicit
mechanism to solicit community feedback on the charter and announce a
clear deadline for comments. I have not seen anyone oppose this proposal.
So my suggestion is that I work with the secretariat to get an email alias
(not a mailing list) up and running where community members can send
comments if they are not able to convey them via an ICG member (which I
still think is the preferred approach in general for charter comments).
Comments sent to this alias would be directly reflected on a web page that
we can setup. Assuming we can get this working by July 31, I suggest that
we announce an Aug 8 deadline for charter comments. This is not a lengthy
period of time but I think we had a general sense that it’s most important
to get the broad outlines of the charter right rather than spending weeks
on the details, so hopefully this will be sufficient.

Once the comments come in, Jari will have the token to produce an updated
version which we can hopefully come to consensus on in the second half of

One last comment: I know that people were not very warm to the idea of
having a conference call in August before we meet face-to-face. However,
with all of these deliverables coming up and with us sorting out our
decision making processes as we go, I tend to think that having a call
during the week of August 11 or August 18 would be beneficial. Of course
some folks will be on holiday and whatnot but it might still help to touch
base in real time for an hour. Can I interest anyone in that? ;-)


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