[Internal-cg] Draft list of action items and decisions from 1 October teleconference for ICG review

Samantha Dickinson samantha at linguasynaptica.com
Wed Oct 1 05:11:40 UTC 2014


Below is a list of the draft action items and decision from today's
teleconference for the review of ICG members:

1. Jansen to publish minutes of 17 September teleconference on website

2. Cooper to leave discussion on ICG-related events at ICANN 51 open
on the internal-cg mailing list for a couple more days to enable ICG
members to add anything else they think should be on the list or
should be modified on the existing list.

3. Clark to submit edits to the answer to the ICG FAQ question 1,
“What is the ICG” as well as a possible question and placeholder
answer about the definition of “global multistakeholder community”

4. Contents of Question 2.5 of FAQ, on ICG Secretariat, to be resolved
on the mailing list, perhaps by refocusing it to be about the
independence of the ICG itself.

5. Ismail to work on a second formulation of Question 3 of the FAQ
based on feedback from Mueller, Subrenat and Bladel.

6. Discussion about remainder of FAQ, from Question 4 onward, to be
discussed  by the ICG on the mailing list.


1. ICG to publish a version of the ICG FAQ online before ICANN 51,
making it clear that it is a living document.

Samantha Dickinson
Internet governance consultant & writer
Lingua Synaptica

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