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> I agree with Milton in regard with IANA INVOKING POWER .However, I would
> like to know whether the replacement of NTIA ,if any, would have the same or
> would excercise the same power?

Like I said, I am not wed to the inclusion of the question re invocation of power. As they say, I was merely flying a kite as it is a question I have been frequently receiving.

To the latter question, that surely is up to the communities to propose and decide.

And a good question, indeed.

> In regard with his second comment, I am not sure that we should limit
> ourselcves to say  about who were are; what we do; how to respond to our RFP;
> the respective roles of the ICG, operational communities, USG; how people can
> get involved in any of those activities.
> I do not see any problem if we could provide information on IANA, the IANA
> transition, and ICANN accountability

I agree they are questions people need and want answers to. Whether we should be the ones to provide them is subject to how much time we have as it can be a long diversion...

The risk is that it dilutes our credibility as impartial coordinators of the community finding its own answers.

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