[Internal-cg] FAQ - Question 18, accountability

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Tue Oct 7 08:36:13 UTC 2014

Dear Narelle ..

Just to help you track your edits, the most recent file 'ICG-FAQ-v3-MM'
is basically comprised of:
all the edits you shared in 'ICG-FAQ-v2-NLC' (I've accepted all changes)
comments shared by Milton over email + 
some manually deleted comments which I felt were already addressed ..

Kind Regards

PS: Question on coordination with accountability process is now Q#17 

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> Sent: Tuesday, 7 October 2014 10:00 AM There are quite a few 
> unresolved issues on question 18 regarding accountability.
> Also, in her comments on Question 12 Narelle seems to imply that the 
> FAQ should not be saying anything at all about accountability, which I
think is wrong.

I did have a piece of wording there in v2. I will have to review v3 to
see if a bit went astray, or evolved in unintended ways.

> Let's go back to the relevant charter section. Here it is in full:
> "The IANA stewardship transition process is taking place alongside a 
> parallel and related process on enhancing ICANN accountability. While 
> maintaining the accountability of Internet identifier governance is 
> central to both processes, this group's scope is focused on the 
> arrangements required for the continuance of IANA functions in an 
> accountable and widely accepted manner after the expiry of the 
> NTIA-ICANN contract. Nevertheless, the two processes are interrelated
and interdependent and should appropriately coordinate their work."
> This clearly means that we must:
> a) pay attention to whether the new arrangements proposed by the OCs 
> provide sufficient accountability after the NTIA goes away - 
> accountability is "central" to the process.

This is consistent with what I had included.

> b) coordinate with the other accountability process.
> c) recognize and somehow deal with the interdependence of the two
> They are interdependent because _regardless of what the OC's propose_ 
> many constituencies don't want the US to let go of IANA until they 
> think ICANN as a whole has made sufficient reforms regarding

Etc deleted, will review and hopefully others also.


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