[Internal-cg] Agenda for ALAC/GAC meetings

Martin Boyle Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk
Thu Oct 9 17:36:33 UTC 2014

Alissa, Milton,

I've just been going over my ICANN-week schedule:  I'm afraid that there is a clash for me on the ALAC briefing session (and all the ccTLD members are likely to have the same problem):  the ALAC session is from 15.45-16.45 and the ccNSO is doing a session on IANA Stewardship transfer & ICANN Accountability from 16.00-17.00.

I'm sorry about this (I did note that there was likely to be a small overlap, but it is bigger than I thought and it is not useful just to pop in for the first 10 minutes).

Would Milton be willing to do the bit on the names community process alone?  Or could a gTLD registry person join him?

Sorry about this.


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Here is the proposed agenda for the ALAC and GAC meetings we're having next week:

Brief ICG background/status update - Alissa (3-5 mins) Numbers community process - how it works, how to participate, etc. - Adiel (5-7 mins) Protocol parameters community process - how it works, how to participate, etc. - Jari/Russ (5-7 mins total) Names community process - how it works, how to participate, etc. - Martin/Milton (5-7 mins total) Q&A - (32-42 mins)

I think leaving a lot of time for Q&A is the most important thing, and each of these meetings is only 1 hour. 

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