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> From: Fiona Alexander <FAlexander at ntia.doc.gov>
> Subject: Procedural Issue
> Date: October 7, 2014 at 12:18:30 PM PDT
> To: "Alissa at cooperw.in" <Alissa at cooperw.in>
> Cc: Ashley Heineman <AHeineman at ntia.doc.gov>
> Hi Alissa
> I hope things are well.  We at NTIA wanted to once again thank you and the members of the ICG for all your hard work.  NTIA is actively monitoring things and took note of the process time line posted by the ICG on Sept 8th.  We wanted to alert you now that we see a procedural issue with “step 7” as proposed.  As articulated in our March announcement, we asked ICANN as the both IANA functions contractor and the global coordinator for the DNS to convene the multistakeholder process to develop the transition plan.  (See: http://www.ntia.doc.gov/press-release/2014/ntia-announces-intent-transition-key-internet-domain-name-functions).  This means as practical matter and consistent with procurement rules, ICANN must be the part that formally submits the transition proposal to NTIA.  While not a substantive concern, we wanted to flag this procedural issue now so that it can be addressed by the ICG and ICANN well in advance.
> Thank you
> Fiona
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