[Internal-cg] Thursday session on accountability

Narelle Clark narelle.clark at accan.org.au
Wed Oct 15 18:07:14 UTC 2014

Indeed. Russ outlining to the ALAC yesterday the existing accountability, appeal redress etc mechanisms in place over the whole IETF processes was useful for that group. I suggest these are useful points to make.


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> Alissa,
> Good that you will be there. I think your suggested answers are fine. Thank you
> for doing this.
> But since you are there... I'd probably use the opportunity to also use your
> personal experience by giving out some examples. You know the kinds of
> discussions we're having on the IETF side about accountability, for instance. The
> basic tools that we plan to use, and some of the remaining issues that people
> are asking about. (Obviously they should be clearly labeled as your own
> experiences rather than ICG thoughts.)
> Jari

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