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@Keith: yes, "consistent with procurement rules" rather than "legal reasons".


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Yes, agree, “consistent with procurement rules” is more precise than “legal reasons.” 


> I suggested today to mention specifically that ICANN (board or staff) is 

> able and expected to contribute to the ICG processes with the same 

> rights as other community members. Was that agreed? 


> We could also add that when the ICG submits its final proposal to ICANN, 

> this will be released to the general public, and NTIA as well. (include this 

> here or elsewhere) 

I see no need for that in this question, as it does not relate directly to the role of the ICANN board, which is what the question is about. 

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Thanks Milton. 

Perhaps we should use the language used by Fiona Alexander, as follows, instead of “for legal reasons”…. 

Here’s what she said in her email to us: “Consistent with procurement rules, ICANN must be the party that formally submits the transition proposal to NTIA.” 

Also, a separate comment, we have one Board Liaison (Kuo-wei Wu) and one Staff Liaison (Elise Gerich), not two Board liaisons. 



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What is the role of the ICANN board in preparing the proposal? 

The ICG is independent of the ICANN board. The board is represented on the ICG by two liaisons, who are there to provide information about the IANA functions and to keep the board informed about our deliberations. The board is not authorized to modify or approve the ICG's proposal, but for legal reasons, the NTIA needs to have the final proposal submitted to it by the ICANN board. 

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