[Internal-cg] Revised Text on Question about ICG and ICANN board

Manal Ismail manal at tra.gov.eg
Wed Oct 22 09:45:55 UTC 2014

So here is where we stand on this now ..

[Milton Mueller: but the Board does not have community approval to
modify or approve the ICG's proposal.]
[Jean-Jacques: Consistent with its charter, the ICG considers that in
transmitting the Transition Plan to NTIA, the ICANN Board shall not
modify the Plan itself.]
[James Bladel: The ICG expects that its proposal, having achieved
consensus on the Coordination Group and within the Operational
Communities, will be welcomed by the ICANN Board and dutifully
transmitted to NTIA.]

Any preferences for other colleagues .. 
Jean-Jacques, mentioning you are ok with Milton's latest formulation
does this mean I should delete the second alternative?  

Kind Regards

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Looks like that formulation is being "authorized" er, APPROVED heh

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> +1
> demi
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> That works.
> On 10/21/2014 05:16 PM, Subrenat, Jean-Jacques wrote:
> > "does not have community approval" suits me.
> >
> > Jean-Jacques.
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